Meet the DGS

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Julia Rouse


I have been a member of DGS for many years and joined the committee to help organise interesting and fun events for the members.  I enjoy visiting the gardens of my local friends as well as RHS and open gardens, appreciating the beauty wherever I go.  My main interest is in gardening for wildlife which needs our help more than ever!

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Nelly Turner 


I have been the Treasurer for over ten years and am also known as the tea lady!

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Alison Veale 


I have been secretary of the DGS for many years (too many to remember!) and enjoy spending time in my garden and in the greenhouse.  I like visiting flower shows especially RHS Tatton and RHS Malvern Spring Show.  Auriculas are my all-time favourite flowers. 

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Helen Burgess-Allen

Hello, I'm Helen, I've been on the DGS committee for several years, I'm in charge of publicity, pre covid you might have seen one of my posters around the village on the noticeboards.  I love grasses, hostas and growing tomatoes, which always taste better than shop bought ones.

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Sylvia Sparrow

I have been a member and committee member for many years.  Gardening is one of my passions along with my love of animals.

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Fiona Hogg

I am a very new member of the committee, having only joined at the end of last year, although I have been a member of the DGS for several years.  I only have a small garden but I grow as many flowers and vegetables as possible.  My favourite flowers are daffodils and clematis.

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David Turner

I have been a committee member for twelve years.  I enjoy visiting gardens and estates, one of my favourites being Greys Court.  My other passion is walking in nature’s big garden.  As a committee member I arrange the annual garden visits for the society.

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Alex Scott

I have been a member of the committee for over six years, the exact number I couldn’t say.  I am a vegetable grower; love growing tomatoes and always have a new variety to try every year thus adding to quite a range of favourite varieties.  I make cakes for our special meetings and mince pies and a fruit cake for the raffle at Christmas.  You will probably see me assisting Nelly on club nights with serving refreshments.

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Ken Thompson



It was 1998 when I took on the role of Chairman of our Society and served for 17 years during which time, along with the committee we saw a steady increase in attendances in our monthly meetings from the high 20s to the mid to high 40s, along with a healthy financial position.  I looked upon us, and still do, as my big happy family of gardeners.

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